Sony Spider-Man Movie Jackpot In Development From Arrowverse Creator

Sony has hired Marc Guggenheim to write a Picture adaptation of This Spider-Man Jackpot comic Novel. After attempting and failing to flip The Wonderful Spider-Man Movies to a world, the studio, from the mid-2010s, struck an unprecedented deal to split the rights with Marvel Studios to Spider-Man.

Together with the film rights to over 9,000 Marvel characters Under their belt, the studio is currently developing a broad array of Spider-Man related jobs, including those located around relatively obscure superheroes such as Morbius the Living Vampire (whom Jared Leto is playing next season’s Morbius movie adaptation).

Along with being the co-creator of The CW’s Arrowverse, Guggenheim has functioned tirelessly on the Jackpot comics earlier and led to a massive array of comic books, video games, video games, and TV shows previously, together with his current non-Arrowverse projects such as Netflix’s revived Trollhuners: Tales of Arcadia franchise and Amazon Prime’s dream series Carnival Row.

Jackpot is just one of a small number of Spider-Man spinoffs Sony allegedly intends to employ a girl to guide, also for a valid reason.

Indeed, Jackpot remains in the first Phases of growth. Therefore it can be a while (maybe even years) earlier. You will find any upgrades. Meanwhile, Sony includes attached S.J. Clarkson to lead a female-led Spider-Man spinoff Considered to be a Madame Web film and proceeds to proceed on Jobs based around Marvel comic book superheroes that were feminine (such as an animated Spider-Verse spinoff featuring Spider-Woman, Silk, and Spider-Gwen).

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